Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arbor Day….let's get out and plant something!

Arbor Day has been celebrated since 1872. In California, Arbor Day is more like a week, running March 7-14, and if you are planning to plant a tree(s) this year it is important to make the proper tree selection for the area you have chosen. I know you have seen those lifting sidewalks being ramped by the root structure of a tree, or even a lifted street gutter. I’m sure you have also noticed oddly shaped or even topped trees under power lines, where, a better tree selection would have been a shorter grower. Perhaps you have experienced having to cut tree branches away from your home because the tree was just planted too close. Placing the right tree, in the right place is as important as planting the tree itself.

A few benefits of properly located trees are:
  • wildlife habitat • home energy savings • clean air
  • natural growth pattern • increased property value • erosion control
  • beauty ...and the list goes on.
Here are some additional resources on tree selection and placement:

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